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Premium quality drones and payloads

Premium quality drones and payloads

We distribute the best industrial drones and payloads with European license and showroom.

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Drone services

Drone services

We also provide service with professional equipment and pilots for industrial customers.

Education and maintenance

Education and maintenance

High quality practical drone pilot trainings based on international and domestic knowledge. We provide domestic maintenance for all equipment distributed by us.

Custom drone development and manufacture

Custom drone development and manufacture

We provide drone solutions for all industrial areas, if something is not available yet we are prepared to develop to suit individual tasks.

  • WJH20
  • Hercules 20
  • H520
  • Altura Zenith
  • Typhoon H3
  • Hercules 10
  • Typhoon H with Plus 1” camera
  • Heliplane
  • Hercules 2

One drone can be used for many things

Let’s find out in which areas can the drone be of use!
  • Drones are the most modern and most useful tools for precision agriculture. With the help of drones, we are able to analyze plant and soil conditions, able to cover up to 40 ha within an hour. Also, able to carry out the required tasks with the spray drones using the data collected.

    • Accurate plant and soil condition analysis
    • Patch and plot treatment
    • No damage to crops from trampling
    • No more unreachable areas
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  • Land-measuring with a drone provides all the information we need to make accurate data collection on all objects, wires and boundaries in a given area with reliable centimeter accuracy.

    What are the advantages of measuring with drones over the traditional land-measuring?

    • Only 1 person (the drone pilot) is needed
    • Significantly faster measuring of an area or an object
    • Things cannot be seen from ground level can be recorded
    • Hard-to-reach places are also accessible and examinable via drones, this way people won’t be put in harm’s way
    Land- and area-measuring
  • One of the most important factor for participants in security is to be able to have visual information. Drones are capable of providing rapid, perfect and accurate pictures and videos anywhere and in any situation. Thanks to the artificial intelligence they can be set up for any missions.

    • Individually programmable normal and thermal cameras with object and face recognition
    • Quick response anywhere, anytime with the most possible data
    • Reduced labor requirements and human error
    • Development of patrol and special action drones
    • Providing all-inclusive support with introducing and operation of drones
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    Security technology
  • The presence of drones enables us to carry out difficult or time-consuming tasks quickly and simply. The use of drone technology helps in professional data collection, reduces labor requirements and provides new opportunities for the industrial contributors.

    • There are no invisible errors when using drones as they see everything.
    • We have solutions for all of the challenges with unique drones and the most up-to-date software.
    • No more unreachable areas, providing rapid and professional information about anything.
    • Providing all-inclusive support with introducing and operation of drones.
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    Industrial usage

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