About us

ABZ DRONE is a team of drone fanatics who decided to play a leading role in the industrial spread of drones across Europe.

Our activities include the distribution of state-of-the-art industrial drones and payloads, the development of individual drone solutions and payloads, the organization of professional theoretical and practical training in accordance with current drone legislation, the preparation of official A1 / A2 / A3 drone exams, the distribution and training of market-leading software and official service.

Beside the drones, parts and payloads we sell, we can offer a solution for every task that can be done with a drone. From hobby use to the introduction of professional industrial drone technologies.

We are official distributors of the world’s largest drone manufacturers: YUNEEC, MICASENSE, DJI, PIX4D and we also operate as an official service and training center for these manufacturers.

The technologies we use are designed to make industrial processes faster, more efficient and more cost-effective while also reducing labor demand. We provide solutions with our drones in plenty of industrial areas:

Our drones can execute hundreds of industrial tasks and provide increased efficiency.

Our biggest successes include:

  • Developing a unique agricultural spray drone which enable us to reduce chemical consumption by 50% and water consumption by over 90% during spraying.
  • With our custom-developed cleaning drone, we are able continuously apply the cleaning liquid up to a height of 30 meters using a tethered system.
  • We have a drone which can operate in heavy rain or 70 km/h wind and complies with the IP55 certification.
  • Our drones equipped with artificial intelligence camera can be trained for almost any task including face and object recognition.
  • Over 40 payloads can be applied to our products including 100 MP camera, thermal camera or LIDAR camera.
  • Our products comply with the highest level of data security regulations and European frameworks, the collected data are not being transferred from our products to anyone even to the manufacturer.
  • We provide comprehensive education for our products including practical training and maintenance.
  • With our industrial drones and professional drone pilots, we also provide high quality services to our partners.
  • We provide the widest product range on the market, from EUR 1000 hobby drones to more than EUR 100.000 industrial drone solutions.

Here at ABZ DRONE we have everything in one place for the industrial contributors to make a real benefit from the opportunity drones can offer. Purchasing a drone should not be a struggle or another task but a chance for innovation, to create an attractive work environment and for more spare time.

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