MIB Invest Group, owned by István Szekeres, bought a significant stake in our company, ABZ Drone Ltd.

István Szekeres, owner of MIB Invest Group, joined ABZ Drone as a capital and professional investor. The investor is a key player in domestic agriculture, with several domestic and international investments tied to his name. With the involvement of the new owner, the role of our company in agriculture and in the domestic and international drone market will be further strengthened. As a result, ABZ Drone’s nationwide service network will be further expanded, and with the increasing stocks we will be able to implement immediate customer service.

Prior to entering the market in 2019, our founders researched the domestic and international applicability of industrial drones for three years, during which we started our operation mainly based on their experience in agriculture and construction. In the year of our launch, we already had a sales revenue of more than 170 million HUF. Our main mission is to introduce drones and drone related software to the Hungarian market, and to increase the competitiveness of Hungarian farmers and entrepreneurs.

The renewed owners consider the establishment of further strategic collaborations as a common goal: we want to achieve the popularization of innovative technologies in Hungary and Europe as soon as possible through cooperation with universities, large international companies and professional research and development organizations.