See for yourself what the smart and precise “eyes” of agriculture, the drones and the software that helps them do their job, can be used for at the Bábolna Farmers’ Days on 9-11 September. With premium quality drones, payloads and software, drone services, training, servicing and customized devices, ABZ Drone is at the farmers’ disposal.

Our founders spent three years researching the domestic and international usability of industrial and agricultural drones and software before entering the market in 2019. We started our operations mainly based on our experience in the agricultural and construction industries.

Drones are the most modern and useful tools in precision agriculture: they can help us analyse the condition of crops and soil, or cover up to 60 hectares in an hour. We can process the results and carry out the necessary interventions using spraying drones or ground-based machines.

Their big advantage is accurate plant and soil condition analysis, spot and crop management. They avoid trampling damage and there is no inaccessible area. Pix4D and Outfield software are a great help in these tasks.

Our executive director, Gyula Török, has been in contact with more than 4,000 farmers over the past 12 years as head of the Agricultural Community, which provides agricultural tendering, consultancy and financing. In addition, István Szekeres Szekeres, owner of MIB Invest Group, who joined ABZ Drone in June, is also a key player in the Hungarian agricultural sector. He has several Hungarian and international investments to his name in agriculture and other fields.

We offer the widest range of spraying drones in the country

At ABZ Drone, our ambition is to be a leader in the economic use and uptake of drones across Europe. We offer precision products, services and solutions in many areas, and agriculture remains our core business.

In Hungary, the role of drones and software in agriculture is now at an advanced stage: their uptake and integration into farming is roughly at Western European levels and interest is growing.

As an indication of this, we are receiving a lot of enquiries from farmers about the precision agriculture tender, which we are able to respond to with the widest range of products and services available.

DJI Agras T10 and T30 spraying drones from bird’s eye view

At the Bábolna Farmers’ Days, we will also present three types of spraying drones. We offer solutions for all areas of agriculture where drones can be used: we are the sole distributor of mechanical and hydraulic spraying drones and we are the official representative of all four major manufacturers (DJI, Yuneec, Drone Volt, Aerialtronics) in Hungary.

We supply our customers from stock all year round, with short lead times, and we can also cater for custom development needs on request.

The WJH20 is a custom spray system developed for the French Dron Volt Hecules 20 drone, developed in collaboration with our partner Mould Tech.

In addition to precision spraying, which can save up to 90 percent water and 50 percent pesticide, drones and the software that help them do their job also enable continuous and highly accurate monitoring of the farm. Drone surveying is an efficient and easy way to check for any tillage, assess the vegetation status of the crop, the impact of stress situations and, with the help of a special camera capable of 30x magnification, accurately identify the type of pathogen that has attacked the crop. Drones can be used to accurately and easily measure the size and topography of areas, which can make it much easier to plan irrigation systems, for example. The resulting data can be loaded into Pix4D and Outfield drone software to effectively highlight and plan the next steps, resulting in reduced inputs and increased yields and quality.

ABZ Drone will also be exhibiting a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera at the Bábolna Farmers’ Days, which can provide invaluable support in wildlife search, count and rescue. Interestingly, in Germany, farmers receive a special contribution to use such a device to detect the presence of game and carry out the necessary rescue before a major agricultural operation, such as a harvest.

Our team also develops and distributes software: our experts were the first to develop an application that allows data collected in the air to be fed into machines on the ground using a USB stick.

We are also working as a strategic partner with the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences on the introduction and promotion of industrial and agricultural drone technologies: you can read about one of our joint projects, the experiments carried out at the MATE Galambos Rice Experimental Station here.

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