Custom drone development

Would you like a customized professional drone?

The ABZ DRONE provides brainstorming for areas of use and development of customized applications.

Custom professional industrial drone solutions

The ABZ DRONE special drone developing team provides unique industrial drone solutions to our partners. We are ready to provide support in every stage of the project from planning through manufacturing and the legal requirement process.



Development procedure

1. Feasibility study

We undertake an assessment making sure the desired concept will be compatible with our drone solutions.

2. Defining detailed specification

We define the detailed development requirements, deadlines and costs.

3. Preparing the prototype

We prepare the first prototype which will be used for testing.

4. Pre-production

When the prototype meets all the requirements, we start the preparation for standardized production.

5. Certificates and licensing

We undertake the complete licensing and certification procedure.

6. Production

The standardized production starts.


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