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How do industrial drones help precision agriculture?

  • You can inspect your land from the air every day.
  • You can effectively and easily check that there are no cultivations at the boundaries of your land.
  • You can assess and learn about the vegetation status and stress condition of your plants.
  • You can check the energy efficiency of your buildings.
  • You can monitor the air quality of your farm.
  • You can spray with 90% water and 50% pesticide savings.

You can learn all of these with us and take the success of your farm to a new level with the help of industrial drones!

  • We are present with the complete offer of three drone manufacturers and as their official drone service in Hungary.
  • We provide excellent value for money and high quality drones.
  • We help development with drone solutions developed for agriculture.
  • We teach professional drone use tailored to the area with a professional drone training background.


In which areas can you use agricultural drone solutions?

Estate inspection with drones

Carry out a drone inspection of your farm! Make sure there is no damage to the area regularly!


Area survey with drones

Measure the boundaries of your area with centimeter accuracy using the most modern agricultural drones!


Agricultural monitoring with drones

Take a multispectral survey with a drone to learn about the condition of your plants and then take care of the problems accordingly!


Spraying with drones

With our custom developed and certified spray system, you can take drone spraying to the next level.


Heat mapping with drones

Acquire the heat map of hard-to-reach surfaces and find the heat loss points and thermal bridges of the buildings with a drone!


Air pollution measurement with drones

Check the state of air pollution characteristic of your environment and economy with the most modern drones and payloads!


Estate inspection with drones

What are the benefits of performing inspections with a drone?

  • An industrial drone traverses every corner of your estate, providing a fast and efficient inspection.
  • It can fly the desired route on a pre-programmed trajectory. This way, the operator can really focus on controlling the area.
  • Equipped with the right camera (payload), the differences can be clearly seen. You can see if something is missing, if damage has occurred and if something is not developing as it should.

How to get started if you want to perform inspections with a drone?

In our Industrial Drone Pilot Training, we will show you and teach you how to perform an isnpection over your farm. In addition, you can gain insight into many tasks with industrial drones in this training. You can get a comprehensive knowledge of drone use and pursue your drone career with marketable, well-utilized knowledge.

Watch our video on our industrial drone pilot training!

Area survery with Drones

What are the benefits of performing area surveys with a drone?

  • you can check that there are no cultivations within your boundaries with centimeter accuracy
  • you can plan the spatial position of your new plantation with centimeter accuracy
  • you can plan your irrigation infrastructure and material needs with centimeter accuracy
  • you can determine the propagating material needs of your new plantation
  • you can check the boundaries of the construction areas designated for development in your farm with centimeter accuracy and you can mark the boundary elements and fencing of the development area

How to get started if you want to perform area measurement with drones?

Learn about what this area has to offer you as part of our professional drone pilot training. Gain a deeper, well-utilized knowledge of industrial drones that can be used for area measurement and the innovative possibilities inherent in them!

Our area measurement shape / KML file creation training offers an excellent solution for this. As a surveyor, a specialist in the field of construction, we teach you to create the preconditions for accurate, precise and fast area measurement.

Learn about our drone area measurement training in detail!

At our drone trainings held by our international drone pilots, you can gain knowledge that is guaranteed to help you get started in this field. With our help, you can start your drone business with a solid foundation!

Click and learn more about our training specializing in area measurement!

Watch our video about our area measurement training!

Agricultural monitoring with drones

What are the benefits of performing agricultural monitoring or multispectral surveys with a drone?

  • With the right drone and payload, you can easily check the nutrient level of your plantations.
  • You can gather information for differentiated nutrient delivery.
  • You can assess the stress situation of the crop.
  • You can assess the degree of weeding.
  • You can check the quality of sowing and germination.
  • You can estimate the game damage.

How to get started if you want to perform agricultural monitoring and multispectral surveys with a drone?

During our agricultural monitoring drone pilot training, you can acquire the appropriate knowledge material with the help of which you can perform efficient multispectral mapping, thus you can get an accurate picture of the desired crop area.

It is time for you to move towards precision agriculture with the help of agricultural drones! Get a comprehensive knowledge with the help of our drone training specializing in the agricultural field!

Take a look at some of the multispectral  images taken with the LaQuinta camera, which will also be introduced during our training!

Spraying with drones using a custom developed spraying system

Spray with 90% water and 50% pesticide savings!

What are the benefits of spraying with a drone?

  • It is possible to fully spray inland, flooded, soaked areas.
  • Patch management will be solved so you can develop more efficient and environmentally friendly plant protection on your farm.
  • You can spray even in extreme terrain.
  • Thanks to the low water demand (up to 10 l / ha in the field) you can spray your estate more efficiently.
  • You can achieve 90% water savings and up to 50% chemical savings.
  • You can achieve 98% droplet size identity.
  • You can use our individually developed spray drone with a working width of 7 meters.
  • Transporting the spray drone is not only easy but also safe.

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Reliable and precise work

With our custom-developed spray system, you can achieve a working width of 7 meters certified by NAIK.

Adjustable droplet size

The droplet size can be controlled with the help of a custom-developed spray system. This way, there will not be too many droplets flowing from the plant, nor will there be too small droplets leaving the atmosphere.

Droplets of the same size

Droplets are 98% the same, so we dispense exactly as much as needed.

Advantages of rotor wind

With the help of a drone, the advantage of the spray system is further increased, as we can take advantage of the rotor wind. This helps the droplets get to the right place as quickly as possible. Using the rotor wind, the spray also covers the bottom of the leaves.

Hecules 20 drone and a custom developed spray system

Get to know the NAIK-certified custom-developed spray drone and take precision farming to the next level! Spray with 90% water and 50% pesticide savings!

How to get started if you want to spray with drones?

As a first step, get to know our professional spray drone pilot training, where you can learn the tricks of spraying with drones by our international certified instructors!

Learn about our spray drone pilot training in detail!

Detailed theoretical and practical drone training will give you a comprehensive konwledge about spray drones. We provide you with our education as a state-recognized institute for adult education At the end of the 5-day training, after a successful exam, you can continue your drone career with a drone pilot’s diploma, certificate, certification and marketable knowledge.

Click and learn about our training specializing in industrial drones!

Gain insight into the world of spray drones!

Heat mapping with drones

What are the benefits of creating heat maps with drones?

  • You can use the drone to check the condition of solar panels, and solar parks.
  • You can find the heat loss points and thermal bridges of the buildings. You can map damaged insulation, doors and windows.
  • You can take a thermal camera orthophoto of the property under inspection.

How to get started if you want to perform thermal imaging with drones?

Learn about our professional drone pilot trainings! Apply for our training to get well-utilized, marketable knowledge. Learn how to take thermal camera shots with drones!

Our industrial drone pilot training provides an excellent basis for this. In this drone training, you will receive detailed theoretical and practical training on drones used in industry, payloads, and the tasks that can be performed with them. We show you how and how much money you can make / save with an industrial drone. You will get to know the industrial drone range from the entry level of EUR 3.000 to the super drones of more than EUR 30.000

Watch our video about thermal imaging!

Air pollution measurement with drones

What are the benefits of measuring air pollution with a drone?

  • You can check the CO2 and CO content of the air even indoors.
  • You can check the ammonia and formaldehyde (+12 compounds) content of the air even indoors.
  • You can make sure there is no illegal garbage or other pollutant burning near you.

How to get started if you want to perform air pollution measurement with a drone?

In our industrial drone pilot training, you can gain insight into the fascinating and rapidly evolving world of industrial drones. With the help of our professional instructors, you can gain marketable knowledge, and with our help, you can start your drone business with a solid foundation!

Watch our video to learn about the Atmon FL air pollution meter payload mounted on an industrial drone!

Why should you rely on us when it comes to industrial drones?

  • Here you can find the widest range of industrial drones on the market from the most well-known drone manufacturers in the world: Dronevolt, Yuneec, Aerialtronics.
  • You can get a complete picture of the machines based on objective criteria. The important thing for us is to provide the option that works best for you.
  • Our experts are among the most trained drone pilots. Their previous professional experience is also strongly tied to aviation and aeronautical engineering.
  • Thanks to our own service, we also understand the world of drones on a mechanical level.

Which industrial drones and payloads can help the agriculture?

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Hercules 20 spray drone

The Hercules 20 is the most heavy-duty industrial drone in the European Union, capable of spending up to 20 minutes in the air with a payload of 20 kg. What we use this exceptional load capacity for is up to our imagination, as there is a wide range of customizable payloads available.

Learn more about the Hercules 20 industrial drone!

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Yuneec H520E / H520E RTK

The manufacturer’s number one drone designed specifically for industrial use. With different payloads, it is possible to do economic activity in many areas. Extremely user-friendly and with plenty of flight modes, it changes from moment to moment, to what you want to use it for. More and more construction tasks can be made more efficient and faster with the Yuneec H520E industrial drones.

Learn more about the Yuneec H520E industrial drone! >>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Altura Zenith ATX8

It is the most versatile industrial drone in the world. The manufacturer’s expectations were far exceeded by the Altura when its rotors worked for 720 hours without failure. Any payload can be applied to the custom Altura Cardan load connection.

Learn more about the Altura Zenith ATX8 industrial drone! >>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Hercules 10

This drone conquered a new market for industrial drones with its building and roof cleaning payload. In addition to performing these tasks, it can carry a number of larger loads (up to 10 kg) for extended periods of time. Here we can no longer talk about a transition between hobby and industrial use, it is a heavy boy.

Learn more about the Hercules 10 industrial drone! >>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

WohnderJet spray system

Developed together with our partner, WohnderJet is a 100% Hungarian spray system for the Hercules 20 drone. The spray system is extremely precise and allows remote spraying. The benefits of a custom-developed spray system can be further enhanced with the right drone, as we will be able to take advantage of the rotor wind. The rotor wind helps to get the droplets to the right place as quickly as possible and the spray also covers the bottom of the leaves.

Learn more about the Wohnderjet spray system>>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90


A professional and efficient multispectral camera for those looking for professional drone solutions in precision agriculture. LaQuinta has been designed to have all the convenience features you would expect today, creating a user-friendly payload that is currently unbeatable in terms of value for money in this segment.


Learn more about the La Quinta multispectral camera>>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90


The E10Tv is Yuneec’s new drone-mounted thermal imager with 4x higher thermal image resolution than the previous model. This dual camera is suitable for capturing images in thermal and low light conditions at the same time. This payload is perfect for energy surveys of buildings and real estate, for heat loss control, for the inspection of solar panels and solar parks, and for the monitoring of industrial facilities.

Learn more about the Yuneec E10Tv thermal imager!>>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90


The Yuneec E90x camera is ideal for professional photography and video work, 3D modeling, mapping, search and rescue tasks. The E90x camera is a wide-angle, gimbal-stabilized device that is perfect for tasks where high-quality photo and video capture is paramount. The camera can be mounted on a Yuneec H520 industrial drone.


Learn more about the Yuneec E90 camera >>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Atmon FL

A user-friendly, ultra-lightweight and professional tool for measuring harmful substances and compounds that affect air quality with unprecedented simplicity. It can be used to localize the source of potential air pollutant emissions, thus contributing to the creation / maintenance of clean and healthy air.

Learn more about the Atmon FL air pollution meter! >>

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90


The Yuneec E30Zx camera has a large optical zoom and is capable of perfectly stabilized imaging with a gimbal, making it suitable for mapping areas where high-quality photography and video capture is required over long distances. In addition to the 30X optical zoom, an additional 6X digital zoom function can be used. Up to 4X magnification, the live image can be viewed without loss.

Learn more about the Yuneec E30Zx camera! >>

Get to know our industrial drone experts!

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Máté Keczer

UAV Operations Director

As a licensed air traffic controller, he has up-to-date information on the legal regulation and ethical background of flying an aircraft. He helps our students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to use drones safely.

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Károly Ludvigh

Service and Technical Director

Due to his drone builder past, he gained a deep knowledge of the external and internal structure of the drone. He has gained experience with many industrial and video drones in the last 6 years. One of the most important competencies of a pilot is to get to know his drone in as much detail as possible, so they can be prepared in case of any surprises.

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Zoltán Török

Executive, International Licensed Trainer

He graduated from drone academies in several countries, where he could learn from renowned professionals who had used UAS for industrial purposes on a daily basis at the beginning of their 21st century appearances. Drones manufactured for this purpose are very different from UAVs made for private use, so it is important that our students gain knowledge and experience with real machines and real conditions.

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    Who are we behind the drones?

    ABZ DRONE is a team of drone fanatics who decided to play a leading role in the industrial spread of drones across Europe. Therefore, our activities include the distribution of state-of-the-art industrial drones, the development of individual payloads, the organization of professional internships and the operation of the domestic service network.

    Beside the drones, parts and payloads we sell, we can offer a solution for every task that can be done with a drone. From hobby use to the introduction of professional industrial drone technologies.

    We are distributors of the world’s largest drone manufacturers: YUNEEC, DRONEVOLT, AERIALTRONICS, we also operate as an official service and training center for these manufacturers.

    The technologies we use are designed to make industrial processes faster, more efficient and more cost-effective while also reducing labor demand. We provide solutions in many areas of industry with our drones, be it construction, energy sector, agriculture, law enforcement, security technology, film industry, logistics, telecommunications, chemical industry.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our short introductory video to learn about what we do in the field of industrial drones

    Our drones can execute hundreds of industrial tasks and provide increased efficiency.

    Our biggest successes include:

    • Unique, custom-developed agricultural spray drone with the help of which we can reduce the use of chemicals by 50% and the use of water by more than 90% during spraying.
    • With our custom-developed cleaning drone, we are able to apply continuously from a ground station up to a height of 30 meters
    • We have adrone that can perform tasks even in 70 km / h wind and meets the IP55 certification.
    • Our drones equipped with an artificial intelligence camera can be trained for almost any other task beside face and object recognition.
    • A total of more than 40 payloads can be mounted on our distributed devices, be it 100 megapixel cameras, thermal imagers or, if applicable, lidar laser scanners.
    • Our machines comply with the strictest data management rules and European directives, no data is transmitted even to the manufacturer.
    • We provide comprehensive education, practical training and service background for the equipment we sell. We also use our tools to provide services to our partners.
    • We provide the widest product range on the market, from hobby drones of EUR 1,000 to industrial drone solutions of more than EUR 100,000.

    At ABZ Drone, everything is in one place so that industry players can truly benefit from the opportunities offered by drones. Buying a drone should not be a burden or another task, but an opportunity, innovation, a more attractive work environment and more leisure time.