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Examine the condition of electrical networks faster and more efficiently.

How do industrial drones help with the inspection of electrical networks?

  • We can inspect the transmission lines without downtime
  • With the help of Lidar cameras, we can create 3D models that can be easily analyzed
  • Special sensors on the drones can be used to map corona discharges and hotspots
  • With the industrial drone designed for the insepction of transmission lines, we can get to know the state of the networks in detail
  • Zinc and steel thicknesses can also be measured with special sensors
  • We can test the resistance of wires quickly and efficiently
  • By using industrial drones, we can minimize human risk

You can learn all these with us and take the maintenance of your networks to a new level!

  • We are present on the market with the complete offer of three drone manufacturers and as there official Hungarian drone service
  • We provide high quality drones with a fair prize
  • We help the development with drone solutions developed for electrical network monitoring.
  • We organize professional trainings.
  • We teach professional drone use tailored to the area with a professional drone training background.

Usable drones

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Yuneec H520E

The manufacturer’s number one drone designed specifically for industrial use. With different payloads, it is possible to do economic activity in many areas. Extremely user-friendly and with plenty of flight modes, it changes from moment to moment, to what you want to use it for.

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