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Why apply to us?

The aim of our training is to teach our participants 3D imaging with a drone both on theoretical and practical level. This activity is not only trendy, but it can be a quantum leap for some industries, where certain inspections, measurements, site preparation have so far been very difficult, with the involvement of many professionals and high costs.

Because as a state-recognized adult education institution* and with internationally experienced professionals, we provide you with drone training.

Registration number of adult education institution: FKB / 2020/006423

Because during our theoretical and practical drone trainings we guarantee you that you will be prepared for the official A1 / A2 / A3 drone exams.

Because after passing the exam, you can continue your drone career with a drone pilot diploma, license, certificate and marketable knowledge.

Only continue reading:

  • if you are really determined and want to deal with drones,
  • if you want to know the theory in detail,
  • if you want to soar not only in theory but also in practice,
  • if your goal is not just to consider drones as a hobby,
  • if you like to dive into new opportunities!

Do you want these too?

You’ll need an extensive training, a professional, reliable background that will prepare and set you on the road!

And of course, a drone community will also come in handy who will not judge you for getting into a new, innovative, forward-looking thing that will soon be a curriculum for future generations.

How can you get more from us than anywhere else?

  • You will learn about the whole process of 3D imaging with a drone, both on a theoretical and practical level
  • We show the operation of several photogrammetric and GIS software (Drone Deploy, Pix4D Mapper, QGIS)
  • You can find the widest range of industrial drones on the market from the world’s largest manufacturers (DJI, Dronevolt, Yuneec, Aerialtronics)
  • We prepare the flight plan necessary for the performance of the task on the spot, and we carry out the post-flight inspections
  • You will get to know the operation and process of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • You will experience first-hand the 3D mapping of an object
  • You will learn about the legal background of 3D imaging
  • Thanks to our own service, we also understand the world of drones on a mechanical level
  • The training takes place in small groups in a friendly atmosphere

+1 reason why it is worth applying for our training

Our drone pilots are automatically added to the ABZ Drone Pilots closed Facebook group, where our team of experts regularly posts the latest news and information about the world of drone. In addition, in this community, members have the opportunity to build new relationships, share experiences, and gain conversations with innovators interested in a similar field. wink

How is our training structured?

During our 3D modeling training, we provide students with up-to-date, extensive knowledge, who can learn about the process of three-dimensional imaging from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Not only is this area increasingly fashionable, but it is a revolutionary innovation in certain industries (construction, dfa). With its help, the preparation and control tasks as well as the various measurements can be performed much simpler and more cost-effectively.

Brief summary of education:

Practical training:

Venue: 8ROTOR showroom and training ground – Kecskemét

Training duration: 08.30 – 16.45

  • Airspace activation
  • Preparation and adjustment of drone and camera for the task
  • Creating a flight plan for 3D imaging
  • Checking weather and light conditions required for the task 
  • Flight planning
  • 3D mapping of an object
  • Post – performance inspection


Venue: 8ROTOR showroom and training ground – Kecskemét

Training duration: 08.30 – 16.45

  • Photogrammetric basics
  • Survey of buildings
  • BIM model
  • Digital terrain modeling
  • Digital surface modeling
  • Topographic contour modeling
  • 3D modeling of objects

Softwares you will be introduced to during the training:

  • Drone Deploy
  • Pix4D Mapper
  • QGI

If these are the things you’re looking for, get started!

Take a look at the shots of the spray drone training and make a decision! We will help you because it is not worth procrastinating!

What drones will you fly?

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

Yuneec H520

The manufacturer’s number one drone designed specifically for industrial use. With different payloads, it is possible to do economic activity in many areas. Extremely user-friendly and with plenty of flight modes, it changes from moment to moment, to what you want to use it for.

Yuneec H520E

The next generation H520E drone is specifically designed for industrial use, be it for agricultural, surveying, construction surveying or official use. Thanks to its modularity, size and flexibility, it can be perfectly adapted to any task in the industry. It is characterized by long flight times and precise work. It enables fast, accurate and high-resolution image capture using a camera system combined with GPS data. The drone is also excellent for use in places that were previously considered inaccessible, thanks to the interference-free compass.

Who will teach?

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Máté Keczer

UAV Operations Director

As a licensed air traffic controller, he has up-to-date information on the legal regulation and ethical background of flying an aircraft. He helps our students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to use drones safely.

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Károly Ludvigh

Service and Technical Director

Due to his drone builder past, he gained a deep knowledge of the external and internal structure of the drone. He has gained experience with many industrial and video drones in the last 6 years. One of the most important competencies of a pilot is to get to know his drone in as much detail as possible, so they can be prepared in case of any surprises.

Török Zoltán - Nemzetközi drónpilóta

Zoltán Török

Executive, International Licensed Trainer

He graduated from drone academies in several countries, where he could learn from renowned professionals who had used UAS for industrial purposes on a daily basis at the beginning of their 21st century appearances. Drones manufactured for this purpose are very different from UAVs made for private use, so it is important that our students gain knowledge and experience with real machines and real conditions.

Listen to those who have already attended our training!

They have already made their first take-off towards the future.

There is nothing to wait for. Do it yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the trainings held in person or online?

Our trainings will basically be held in person, if the viral situation makes it possible, in case it’s not possible the theory will be held in the form of a ZOOM meeting and the practice will be held in person at a later date.

How can I pay?

We will issue an invoice for the training fee after the application, which you can settle by bank transfer.

Where are the trainings held?

Our theoretical trainings are held in an office park, so several restaurants, shops and even the Daubner confectionery are available during the break. Location: Montevideo street 1, Budapest.

We organize our practical training in Pomáz, where water and soft drinks are provided, and we order pizza for lunch, which we eat in the soft lap of nature.

How long is the training?

The trainings start at 8.30 am and end at around 4.30 pm. During this time, coffee, soft drinks and water are provided.

How often are trainings held?

All our training types are held once a month.

Is it possible to have group or company training?

For a minimum of 5 people, it is possible to order individual training with a unique date.

Once you have the answer to everything, the decision is in your hands.


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Training price: 460 EUR / person + VAT


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