Meet the DJI agras T30 agricultural sprayer drone!

  • 30 litre spray tank
  • 66,5 kg maximum take-off weight
  • IP67 dust and water protection

Designed for large-scale farms

The DJI T30’s 30-litre spray tank has a working width of 9 metres and a capacity of 16 hectares per hour, making it the ideal choice for even the largest farms. Pre-prepared flight plans, a 20-minute run time and replaceable, ultra-fast-charging batteries allow for long periods of continuous operation. Built-in smart features include the ability to adjust the angle of the machine’s arms to spray canopies more efficiently than conventional solutions. The new 16 nozzle design and the 8 litres per minute flow rate made possible by the high performance six-cylinder double piston pumps are among the key features that allow for exceptionally fast work.


  • Compact design

Despite its large size, the DJI T30’s foldable frame makes the sprayer drone easy to transport and quick to assemble.

  • RTK modul

A beépített RTK modul segítségével a világ bármely pontján centiméteres pontossággal dolgozhatunk.

  • Ultra-fast battery charging

The fast-charging, high-capacity batteries can be swapped out in seconds, so you can work almost uninterrupted.

  • Wide-angle cameras

The drone is equipped with two wide-angle cameras and a reflector, so you can watch the work in HD live view.

  • Security features

Omni-directional obstacle detection and a six-rotor design ensure safe operation in all cases.

  • Large tank

The DJI T30’s 30-litre built-in tank rarely needs refilling, so you can work for long periods without interruption.

  • DJI quality

DJI is one of the world’s best-known drone manufacturers, with products available all over the world. The brand name ensures outstanding quality and a wide range of parts.

  • High performance

The sprayer drone can treat an average of 16 hectares per hour, so spraying large farms is no problem.

  • Automatic flight mode

The DJI T30 is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic flight functions, so you can make your workflow even more efficient with predefined flight modes.

Technical specifications

Maximum spraying coverage: 16 hectares / hour
Maximum spray speed:8 L / perc
Maximum spray width: 9 m
Number of rotors:6
Brushless: Yes
Dimensions:2858*2685*790mm (arms and propellers folded out)
Weight:26,4 kg (without battery)
Max. flight time:20,5 minutes (with a weight of 36.5 kg and a 29000 mAh-s battery)
Max. airspeed:36 km/h
Battery:high-performance 29000mAh-51.8V battery
Operating temperature:Between 0° and 45°C
Video resolution (max.):1280×720 15-30 fps
FOV: Horizontal: 82°, Vertical: 129°
Obstacle detection:Yes
First-person view (FPV): Yes

Flight modes:

M/M+ , AB , Autonomous flight route
Live image transmission system:DJI OcuSync 2.0

Additional services

Orchard spray package

The T30 Orchard Spray Package enables users to change the configuration of the T30 to the Orchard configuration, which is more suitable for spraying operations in orchards. 

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