Drones in precision agriculture

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Precision agriculture is not an optional way of operating nowadays, but the only way to maintain long term success. The most effective tools for precision agriculture are the drones.

Drone spraying
  • Up to 90% less operational cost and water consumption.
  • Decreased chemical consumption by 30-90%.
  • No damage to crops from trampling.
  • Patch treatment options.
Drone mapping
  • Multi-spectral analysis: producing stress maps, level of nitrogen, chlorophyll content, distribution map, soil analysis.
  • Detecting weeds, infestation and plotting them with accurate coordinates on the map, which is the basis of the patch treatment and staged distribution.
  • High precision plant counting and yield forecasting for the entire farm.
  • Storm damage, game damage and water pressure surveying from the air. Most damages can be identified from above, would be invisible from the ground. (Often a requirement for claims.)
  • Providing data: The biggest value for a professional farm is data. Our service provides all the necessary data for precision agriculture which includes 5 cameras and a multispectral system.

We visited the Sauska Winery multiple occasions in 2019, where we carried out various test in the presence and with the guidance of Istvan Czemiczki, their viticulture leader. The experiment was for multiple reasons including traditional hydraulic and exclusively developed mechanic spray system over various topography. The benefits of using less water and chemicals were already noticeable even with the traditional spray system, however the total satisfaction was brought by the mechanical drop producing system, which provided perfect coverage for the entire target area. The drops reached even lower leaves too which took us by surprise.


Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Increased effectiveness

Increased effectiveness

Solution for shortage of labor

Solution for shortage of labor

Increased profit and yield

Increased profit and yield


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Recommended drones

  • Altura Zenith

    The world’s most versatile industrial drone. It has exceeded the manufacturers expectations when the rotors were able to operate continuously for 720 hours without any malfunction. The Altura Cardan cargo connection is compatible with all of the payloads.

  • Hercules 20

    The Hercules 20 has the most lifting capacity from industrial drones and has European Union license. It is capable of up to 15 minutes airtime with 20kgs payload. What this exceptional capacity will be used for is up to the user, thanks to the widely available and uniquely developed payloads.


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