Civil Defense

Fast and precise intervention when it is necessary

Areas of use

Many civil protection and law enforcement bodies have experience with using drones already. The drones and cameras distributed by us were created to aid, simplify and speed up the operation of defense bodies including personnel or object search, quick surveying or area monitoring. We provide both complex solutions and pilot training. Our drones are capable of executing missions in the most hostile conditions.

Fight against crime, crime prevention and border patrolling

Crime scenes or areas that needs to be secured can be accurately assessed with the help of our drones. Events, protected personnel and objects can also be easily supervised. Our drones are capable of live streaming data to a dedicated equipment. The drones are able to execute any tasks whether it is face recognition, object recognition or even license plate detection with our artificial intelligence equipped camera. Drones equipped with our thermal cameras are enable operating during nighttime or low visibility conditions. They are also able to follow patrolling routes.

Search and rescue tasks

The most important factor during search and rescue is the fast response and accurate information about the area. Drones and special cameras provide a huge help with this whether the task is to find personnel, accident scene investigation or exploration of a hazardous area. The high definition cameras, thermal cameras and artificial intelligence cameras are all capable of live streaming imagery with up to 30x zoom.


The camera and drone can be used to find people in danger or caught in buildings or to provide intelligence which can be used to assess the spreading of the fire. In this way, rescue and firefighting tasks can be carried out the most efficient and the least uncertain way. Our drones can be operated in heavy rain or 70 km/h wind to provide help for the professionals in duty.

Disaster investigation

In case of natural or other catastrophes one of the most important thing is accurate damage analysis and area examining. Our drones provide help for the rescuing organizations by live streaming imagery and data so the rescue and damage restoration can be carried out in the most effective way. Drones could also be useful for insurance companies with damage assessment.


Fast and accurate situation assessment

Fast and accurate situation assessment

Improved rescue mission planning

Improved rescue mission planning

High definition instruments, artificial intelligence

High definition instruments, artificial intelligence

Drones with Ip55 certificate

Drones with Ip55 certificate

Rescue missions

Then and Now

Recommended drones

  • Altura Zenith

    It is the most versatile industrial drone in the world. The manufacturer’s expectations were far exceeded by the Altura when its rotors worked for 720 hours without failure. Any payload can be applied to the custom Altura Cardan load connection.

  • Hercules 20

    The Hercules 20 is the most heavy-duty industrial drone in the European Union, capable of spending up to 15 minutes in the air with a payload of 20 kg. What we use this exceptional load capacity for is up to our imagination, as there is a wide range of customizable payloads available.

  • Hercules 10

    The Hercules 10 is capable of lifting and moving 7.5 kg, allowing a wide range of payloads to be used. The carbon fiber frame and anodized aluminum fasteners make the machine extremely resistant. It has 4 detachable arms and landing pads for easy and practical transport.

  • Hercules 2

    A very capable tool for monitoring and mapping. The Hercules 2 is a 2kgs “mini” drone which can go as fast as 90 km/s for up to 20 minutes.

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