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The appearance of industrial drones is another industrial revolution. These technologies change data collection and data usage at core level. The presence and expansion of drones allow the difficult and time-consuming tasks to be dealt with quickly and easily.

Film industry

Probably the most recognized function of drones are the cameras and creating movies, however the drones distributed by us are primarily not for recording weddings, family events or taking selfies. Our drones carry the most variable industrial cameras whether they are 100-megapixel cameras, thermal or cameras equipped with artificial intelligence. We got solutions for everything.
Given the drones customizable payload capabilities and carrying capacity (1g-20kgs), we can move any camera tools up to 20 kgs.

Service industry

The drone technology is potentially the biggest opportunity for the services industry. Not only the difficult tasks become easily executable, but the way of working makes it pleasing for the operating staff.All of our industrial drones can provide solutions for the contributors in the service industry:

  • Industrial cleaning drones
  • Roof and surface cleaning drones
  • Heavy duty drones
  • Drones with cameras or other imagery collecting tools
  • Pipe inspection drones
  • Damage assessment drones for insurance
Energy industry and telecommunication

The most important part of the energy industry is the production hubs and networks. It can be challenging to monitor assets and relief staff from operation in hazardous conditions whilst trying to reduce cost at the same time. Drones, the various cameras and sensors are able to carry out tasks rapidly and accurately in almost any conditions.

What kind of tasks can a drone execute?


The biggest help for the construction industry are the drones. We are able to exchange expensive and complex processes with operating drones.

What kind of tasks can a drone execute?

Energy industry and telecommunication

Solar panel and Solar powered farm inspection

Our drones with high definition RGB cameras can easily assess any roofs or solar powered farms. It is also possible to make use of the collected data right after processing and analyzing it which contributes to increased processing efficiency and locating the areas requiring intervention.

Oil and gas pipe examination

The examination of pipe networks is crucial; however, it can be challenging due to the various attributes of areas and elevation which makes the aerial examination significantly cheaper, quicker and easier. There is no impossible task for our drones, cameras equipped with artificial intelligence.

Wind farm and Wind turbine inspection

It is extremely important to carry out inspection for maintenance and fault detection of wind turbines. Not to mention that working at heights is risky and expensive. It is not a difficult task anymore to approach and inspect wind turbines with our drones equipped with 30x zoom cameras.

High voltage cable inspection

Operating at heights and covering large areas is a dangerous task for most cases, however it is not the case with drones. It becomes a quick and easy exercise with our drones and special cameras. Our IP55 certified drone is resistant to magnetic interference and the camera which has been developed specifically for this sector can detect errors way before they are visible to the human eyes.


It is key to carry out inspection to reveal faults and maintain assets. Working at heights can be expensive and risky. It is not a challenging task anymore to approach and inspect assets with our drones equipped with 30x zoom cameras.


Area survey and topographical survey

The drones are able to survey any areas or building with a centimeter accuracy. The collected data then can be used create detailed plans within a very short time.

3-dimensional building modelling

The recorded aerial imagery by drones is used with a software to create a 3D model using pre-defined points, which enables us to monitor progress and compare with plans during the various stages of construction. This helps to continuously monitor and correct the entire process and also to keep track of schedules.

Task supervision

We are able to monitor and supervise the whole construction site including the actions of employees and sub-contractors. The artificially intelligent cameras are enable us to keep an eye on any parts of the site we want and flag any errors during construction. We can also carry out roof condition assessment and supervise works quickly and easily.

Heatmap creation

The heat map of a building is not only important because it is a legal requirement for the energetical certificate, but also to observe if the insulation was properly applied for the entire building. The drones with thermal cameras provide a huge help in creating heat maps within minutes even at great heights.


Fast and cost effective

Fast and cost effective

Alternative for high risk operations

Alternative for high risk operations

Large areas to be supervised and mapped

Large areas to be supervised and mapped

Reducing human error and labor requirement

Reducing human error and labor requirement

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