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Nothing can stay hidden

Areas of use

The companies in the security business are aware of the value of having a tool, which is capable of live streaming an accurate image for the total of the flight whilst moving with up to 90 km/h. Moreover, they are able to execute pre-programmed tasks, track personnel or objects whilst floating in the air. Nothing can stay hidden from the various special cameras. 100mp 30x zoom, thermal camera and camera with artificial intelligence can also be applied to our most resistant and versatile drones.

Area patrolling

Our drones are capable of executing pre-programmed tasks or patrolling routes, whilst live streaming the imagery back to the base. Our applications equipped with thermal camera are enable nighttime operations. Face and object recognition are also part of our drone’s capabilities.


One of the most important thing is to monitor the surrounding areas continuously whilst escorting protected or guarded personnel. There are no invisible threats for our high definition cameras. Our drones are able to follow protected personnel and monitor the surroundings at the same time during the most inhospitable conditions.

Object and event protection

The best way to observe a large event or protect a spread-out property is to monitor from above. The high definition cameras and the 30x zoom lens are capable of observing and patrolling every single detail with the most precision in the selected area. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence camera has face and object detection, crowd counting capabilities as well as other abilities. Our thermal cameras provide a perfect solution for nighttime operation.


Reduced labor requirement

Reduced labor requirement

Fast, accurate execution

Fast, accurate execution

Live stream capability

Live stream capability

Nighttime operation

Nighttime operation

Area defense

Then and Now

Recommended drones

  • Altura Zenith

    The world’s most versatile industrial drone. It has exceeded the manufacturers expectations when the rotors were able to operate continuously for 720 hours without any malfunction. The Altura Cardan cargo connection is compatible with all of the payloads.

  • Hercules 20

    The Hercules 20 has the most lifting capacity from industrial drones and has European Union license. It is capable of up to 15 minutes airtime with 20kgs payload. What this exceptional capacity will be used for is up to the user, thanks to the widely available and uniquely developed payloads.

  • Hercules 10

    The lifting capacity for Hercules 10 is 7.5kgs, which allows a wide range of payloads to be used with. The carbon fiber frame and anodized aluminum clips makes the drone extremely resistant. It comes with 4 detachable arms and landing gear to allow easy transport.

  • Hercules 2

    A very capable tool for monitoring and mapping. The Hercules 2 is a 2kgs “mini” drone which can go as fast as 90 km/s for up to 20 minutes.

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