Industrial drone pilot training – theory + practice


We recommend this training for people who would like to learn the fundamentals of industrial drone usage for commercial purposes. We make sure that the participants are prepared for safe operation of industrial drones after completing the theoretical and practical modules.


500 EUR/person + VAT

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The participants will have the opportunity to discover areas of use for drones. Our goal is to develop the necessary theoretical and practical competencies for industrial drone usage. We use smaller drones for the training, however we put together a program that ensures strong fundamental knowledge for industrial drones.

Our students can get to know all available industrial drones in Hungary. Drone solutions ranging between 3.000 EUR and 150.000 EUR.

We share the knowledge of income generating and cost saving opportunities and new areas of use for our future drone pilots and drone service provider companies.

Training content

1. day – theory:

  • Fundamentals of drones
  • Legislative background
  • Battery types and characteristics
  • Drone usage in various industries (demonstrating various tasks)
  • Introduction of industrial drones for various industries
    • Structure
    • Operation and handling basics
    • Compatible applications
    • Required competencies for each drone
  • How much income/savings can be generated with drones and how?

You will also have the chance to get to know various industrial solutions, including:

  • Agricultural spraying
  • Roof and building cleaning
  • High voltage cable inspection
  • Telecommunication tower inspection
  • Surveying and Heat mapping
  • Planimetry
  • Multispectral mapping
  • Face, object, license plate recognition using a camera equipped with artificial intelligence
  • 3D modelling using LIDAR system

2. day – practice:

The practical training is being held in lifelike conditions and environment at the 6-hectare ABZ Drone test field in Szentendre, Hungary.

We provide drones for the practical training; therefore, it is not a criterion to have your own drone.

The following industrial drones are introduced during the training:

Hercules 20 (Heavy duty, industrial and spray drone)

  • Agricultural spraying, disinfection, mosquito control
  • Industrial weightlifter (up to 20 kg payload)
  • Cinema camera transport

Hercules 10 (Industrial cleaning drone)

  • Roof, solar panel, building and warehouse cleaning drone
  • Continuous liquid supply from ground station up to 30m height

Hercules 2 (Industrial survey drone)

  • Equipped with RTK
  • Standard and heat camera on one machine

Altura Zenith ATX8 (The most durable industrial drone in the world)

  • TÜV EMC,IP 55 certificates
  • 36 compatible payloads
  • Can operate in heavy rain and 80 km/h wind

Pensar (The first AI camera equipped on a drone)

  • The world’s first camera integrated supercomputer
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with a standard and a heat camera

YUNEEC H520 (Industrial drone with exchangeable payload for a price of a hobby drone)

  • 5 payload options
  • Over 20 possible tasks
  • Small investment, great income/money saving opportunities
  • Fast installation and task execution

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