The most detailed crop and soil analysis ever produced up to 40 ha per hour. Spraying using up to 50% less chemicals and 90% less water. It is all possible with our exclusively developed drones and spray system.

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To be able to see everything, anywhere, anytime from above as fast as possible? Probably the most important factor for companies in the security industry. Drones are capable of providing rapid, perfect and accurate pictures and videos anywhere and in any situation. Thanks to the artificial intelligence they can be set up for any missions.

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Many talks about a new industrial revolution. The Industry 4.0 and the spreading of industrial drones could be called revolutionary. The industrial contributors face many new challenges to keep their success. We provide drone solutions in order to stay on the path to success in the following areas: film industry, service industry, energy industry, construction, logistics.

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Drones and special cameras help every organization specialized in civil protection whether they are national or civil bodies. We are able to intervene a lot faster, see a lot more details and even prevent crimes without putting human at risk.

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