LaQuinta multispectral camera

A professional and efficient multispectral camera for those looking for professional drone solutions in the field of precision agriculture.

LaQuinta is the first of its kind a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrowband multispectral UAV and ground vehicle camera for Precision Agriculture, packed with functionality like no other device in the global market; all without the multiple- camera- in- a  box misalignment issues or timeshift sensitive filter-wheel drawbacks.

La Quinta is designed to feature all popular requirements, nice-to-haves and more into one user-friendly device at an unprecedented price tag.

Supported through value-added partnerships, DB2 vision is able to deliver the full value chain by offering a complete solution to the end-user.

LaQuinta aids in solving a worldwide growing problem:

  • by monitoring plant health
  • Determining exactly where fertilizer is needed (and where not)
  • Determining if and where pesticides are needed
  • Control water usage by pinpointing exact areas of interest
  • Less use, less cost + less waste + less pollution

Image sensors and optics

  • 1 single revolutionary 4.1 Megapixel combined RGB + NEAR-INFRARED sensor
  • 1 OPTICAL PATH WITH 4 NARROW BANDS! (as opposed to the “multiple cameras in a box” method causing mechanical misalignment due to different FOVs)
  • Multispectral AG Bands CWL/FWHM: Blue 430/40 – Green 570/30 – Red 660/30 – NIR 860/20 for crop health analysis through multiple indices such as NDVI, EVI, OSAVI, and more
  • No damaging rolling shutter effects
  • Up to 1.5 dps in full resolution RAW – Auto or User selectable (frequency or x% of image overlap)
  • Exchangeable lenses ( Achromatic M12 mount; Standard 8mm, other focal lengths optional)

 Image capture and post-processing

  • Fully compatible with 3rd party Image Stitching  & AG Analysis Software (AgiSoft Metashape / Pix4D)
  • RAW Multispectral image acquisition with all hybrid sensor information included in Metadata
  • User selectable Image capture in 2 formats (Stacked Multilayer TIF and Single-LAyer R-G-B-NIR TIF)

Multispectral shot with LaQuinta camera

Hybrid sensor features and functionality

  • Setup and Configuration over Android, iOS & Windows (Bluetooth) and / or camera touchscreen
  • IMU/GPS/Geo-tagging/Compass/Altimeter for exact GPS location of the target, rather than UAV
  • 64 GB-os microSD card
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery for 1 hr + microUSB connector to charger / external battery
  • PAL video-out for realtime downlink
  • Trigger in- and output
  • Multiple unit connectivity for simultaneous capture (f.i. Tractor boom usage)
  • Dual Full Image Calibration Through the DB2 adapt-2-Light / RGB + NIR and Pixel-Level irradiance sensor
  • Custom UAV mount for easy attachment to your specific aircraft
  • Size & Weight: 78*58*56 mm/146g – 3.07 *2.28*2.20” / 5.15oz (incl 8mm M12 lens)

Technical parameters:

  • Raw multispectral image acquisition @1.5 FPS (max.)
  • IMU GPS + Geotagging + Compass + Altimeter for exact GPS location of the target, rather than the UAV
  • Full image calibration through the DB2 Adapt-2-Light R-G-B-NIR irradiance sensor
  • Android, iOS app and touchscreen controlled
  • Universally compatible
  • All sensors inside, so operates fully system/UAV independent
  • Fully compatible with all common Analysis Software packages
  • Camera mount to most commonly used UAVs available + custom design possible on demand

Suitable drones


The YUNEEC H520 6-rotor hexacopter can be used in many industrial areas. Its wide range of use comes from the modularity of the drone. The H520 can use various payloads to be used in execute many tasks for areas including inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying or mapping and even film making. The retractable landing gear allows for a seamless 360-degree video making.


The next generation H520E drone is specifically designed for industrial use, be it for agricultural, surveying, construction surveying or official use. Thanks to its modularity, size and flexibility, it can be perfectly adapted to any task in the industry. It is characterized by long flight times and precise work. It enables fast, accurate and high-resolution image capture using a camera system combined with GPS data. The drone is also excellent for use in places that were previously considered inaccessible, thanks to the interference-free compass.

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