Outfield’s yield measurement and orchard management system for high value fruit crops

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Boost yields

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Improve management

The combined power of an industrial drone and the Outfield software allows you to quickly survey orchards and gather high-resolution images. Outfield uses machine learning technology to analyse the images, creating a detailed map of fruit load and fruit counts, allowing you to visualise and track the parameters that matter to your farm.


Outfield offers a new level of precision farming in fruit orchard crops.


Outfield helps you track crop estimates throughout the growing season, from flowering to harvest. With this data, you can plan harvesting operations, use agricultural resources efficiently, and confidently negotiate sales contracts. Outfield makes farm management processes more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

You can track and compare data for different orchards, different locations and different seasons, and link to precision spraying systems so you can easily create a spray plan.

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