Lidaretto mobile 3D scanner / laser camera

A small device with huge opportunities!

With this compact, drone-mounted laser camera and 3D laser scanner system, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your work in the several areas! With the help of Lidaretto, you can get vital data about the examined area / object quickly and with unprecedented accuracy, which you can then process easily and conveniently!

Lidaretto is a portable system for recording and mapping the real world. It is based on the LIDAR technology, a laser-based remote sensing technology. It is the perfect tool for workflows where we need accurate and reliable geographic data. It can be used to create more accurate and spectacular point clouds, statements and data visualizations than ever before for professional use. Thanks to its mobility, the Lidaretto is easy and quick to use, making it not only a more efficient but also a more cost-effective solution for many specialties compared to traditional measurement methods.

Lidaretto can be used:

  • For topographic measurements
  • For agricultural tests
  • To check transmission lines
  • For architectural works
  • During excavations
  • To collect geoinformation data
  • To map streets, railways, construction sites and cities
  • For other complex measurements and control tasks

Technical parameters


LaserClass 1 – Eye safe
Channels16 / 32
Measure Range100m / 120m / 200m
Accuracy+/- 3cm (typical)
Number of returnsMax. 2



GNSS receiverNovatel OEM7, 555 channels, dual GNSS (optional)
GNSS signalsStandard GPS+GLONASS L1/L2, upgradable to GALILEO and BEIDOU
GNSS accuracyPP 1-2cm
IMU accuracyPP Heading/Pitch/Roll – 0.038/0.008/0.008; 0.011/0.005/0.005 (optional)


Mounting bracketsCustom made for UAV, car or backpack
GNSS antennasFor UAV, car or backpack, including custom cables
GNSS postprocessing SWPerpetual, One year, as a Service
RGB optionAdditional camera for point clouds coloring

Industrial drones compatible with the Lidaretto laser camera

ABZ Drone - Yuneec - E90

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

The Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s newest commercial drone, designed to enhance the popular features of the Matrice 200 series and offer an even more efficient, robust and versatile solution.


Relevant trainings

3D modeling training

This training provides the required knowledge for 3D imaging with a drone on both theoretical and practical level. During the course of the education, we also show you how several photogrammetric and GIS softwares work.

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