Tethered system for the h520 and h520e industrial drones

The Tethered system is a YCAP Certified Accessory, which is the ultimate in tethered drone systems for the H520 and H520E. It consists of a ground power station, a lightweight tether on a reel and a Universal Aerial Power Supply (UAPS) that combined, power the H520 and H520E for hours at a time.

With a lightweight power supply at the drone end, it ensures that the payload capacity is maximised. The system is safe and easy to use, with a battery back-up in case of failure.

Main features:

  • It allows the drone to stay in the air for extended periods of time
  • Up to 50m of flight altitude
  • Lightweight aerial power supply
  • Lightweight tether 8.4g per metre
  • Versatility and Portability – 4 different systems available that can be operated directly from a vehicle or from a mains supply
  • 120v/240v
  • 12v/24v
  • Tether Tensile Strength 98kg
  • Get access to new applications: permanent air surveillance, telecommunications, traffic monitoring, sophisticated industrial inspections, air quality monitoring and live broadcasting
  • Battery back-up in case of failure – approx. 4 minutes for landing
  • Safe to use – Low Amps/Low Current

Industrial drones compatible with the Tethered system:


The YUNEEC H520 6-rotor hexacopter can be used in many industrial areas. Its wide range of use comes from the modularity of the drone. The H520 can use various payloads to be used in execute many tasks for areas including inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying or mapping and even film making. The retractable landing gear allows for a seamless 360-degree video making.


The next generation H520E drone is specifically designed for industrial use, be it for agricultural, surveying, construction surveying or official use. Thanks to its modularity, size and flexibility, it can be perfectly adapted to any task in the industry. It is characterized by long flight times and precise work. It enables fast, accurate and high-resolution image capture using a camera system combined with GPS data. The drone is also excellent for use in places that were previously considered inaccessible, thanks to the interference-free compass.

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