Meet the industrial drone-mounted E20TVx radiometric dual thermal imaging camera!

Built using the latest technological advances, the device includes a low-light camera designed to be twenty times more sensitive than the human eye and a thermal imaging camera with twice the resolution of its predecessor. The Yuneec H520E industrial drone payload is ideal for energy surveys of buildings, properties, heat loss monitoring, solar panel and solar farm inspection, and industrial facility monitoring.

Key features of the E20Tvx camera

Picture in the picture

The ST16E remote control’s high-resolution screen allows you to monitor the footage captured by the cameras from up to 3.5 kilometres away. You can also superimpose the images of the different technology-based devices, with the two cameras capturing the infrared and RGB pixels together, creating a pixel-perfect overlap between the two images.

Automated functions

The E20Tvx camera makes efficient use of the automatic functions and flight modes provided by the Yuneec H520E. The automatic area scan allows you to manually inspect only problem areas after the basic survey

Main applications of the E20Tvx camera

  • monitoring of industrial installations
  • energy analysis of buildings (heat loss)
  • inspection of solar panel installations
  • research, search for missing persons
  • border surveillance tasks
  • aerial surveillance for fire-fighting teams,
  • search for fire extinguishers
  • agricultural surveys (wildlife and storm
  • damage surveys, cattle counts)
  • game management surveys

Technical data




Angular Vibration Range±.0.02°
Controllable Range

TILT: -110° – 30°

PAN: ± 165°

Max Angular VelocityTILT:30°/s PAN:120°/s
Operating Temperature-10°C – 50°C



Diagonal Fov41.4°
Fov(H x V, ±5%)33° x 26.6°
Pixel Pitch12μm
Infrared Wavelength Range8-14μm
FrequencyFull Frame Rate: 25Hz
Photo FormatJPEG
Video FormatMP4
Temperature CompensationAuto
Temperature Measurement Range

High Gain: -20°-150°

Low Gain: 100°-500°


Sensor1/2.8” 2M
Equivalent Focal Length23mm
Diagonal Fov89.6°
ISO Range100-3200
Video Resolution1920*1080p 60fps
Photo FormatJPEG
Video FormatMP4

Industrial drone compatible with the E20Tvx camera


The next generation H520E drone is specifically designed for industrial use, be it for agricultural, surveying, construction surveying or official use. Thanks to its modularity, size and flexibility, it can be perfectly adapted to any task in the industry. It is characterized by long flight times and precise work. It enables fast, accurate and high-resolution image capture using a camera system combined with GPS data. The drone is also excellent for use in places that were previously considered inaccessible, thanks to the interference-free compass.


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