Spray drone pilot training

The most detailed spray drone training available in the market where participants can’t just observe drones but use them. Participants can acquire the knowledge of piloting manual and automated flights with spray drones experiencing all the challenges and successes. The training ends with a 6-hectare spray simulation. Our participants would familiarise with all of the available spray drones in the market, legislative background, applications and their maintenance requirements and also the spray supporting vehicle setup.


1.250 EUR/person + VAT

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Training content


  • Legislative background for piloting and flights
  • Aviation knowledge including clearance request from air traffic control (theory)
  • Drone types
  • Drone structure
  • Sensors
  • Battery types

Hercules 20 spray drone:

  • Structure
  • Assembly and set-up process
  • Battery charging and storage (practical setups)
  • Checklist

Flight planning (practical)

  • Flight planning software basic settings
  • Preparation of a flight plan manually using a selected polygon
  • Preparation of a flight plan using a shape file
  • Planning for avoiding objects

Plant protection (theory)

  • Review of relevant parts of the Plant Protection Law
  • Phytopathological issues, their treatment and periods
  • Insecticide usage, recommended chemicals
  • Drone and payload cleaning from chemicals
  • Practical flights with base models (practical)
  • Take off
  • Landing
  • Manual flight exercises

Practical flight with Hercules 20 spray drone (practical)

  • Take off
  • Landing
  • Manual flight exercises
  • 6 ha area spray treatment exercise (with water)

Flight data and battery usage administration with specific software (theory)

  • Flight planning
  • Working with pilots
  • Parts and battery register
  • Hours of operation register

Market analysis, contract examples, research results demonstration:

  • Comparison of spray drones
  • Spray system comparison
  • How to spray? Sharing practical experience and demonstrating research conclusions
  • Introducing spray contract templates and examples

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