Photogrammetric software designed for professional use for large-scale mapping.

As the official domestic distributor of Pix4D software, all of our drone courses demonstrate the use of the software in the relevant drone area. In addition, as an official Pix4D training centre, we also offer specific training for any type of software. If you would like to get more detailed information about Pix4D software and its professional use, please click and contact us!

Advantages of industrial drones and Pix4Dmatic over traditional solutions

  • You can analyze thousands of images without simplification and merging
  • You can easily import and analyze completed surveys even in other Pix4D software 
  • You can work with data sets of unimaginable size

The functions of Pix4Dmatic

Fast processing

The Pix4Dmatic processes large files in a short time, up to 50% faster than traditional softwares. 


You can also check the accuracy of the surveys afterwards, so you can easily correct any errors.

Vertical coordinate systems

Pix4D supports the most commonly used vertical coordinate systems.

Continuous development

The application is constantly updated in three-week cycles, so you can always use the most modern solutions.

If you would like to learn how to use Pix4Dmatic and other software, sign up for our training courses, where our instructors will teach you not only the theory, but also the practice!


Not sure which course is best for you?

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