Bridge the gap between photogrammetry and CAD

As the official domestic distributor of Pix4D software, all of our drone courses demonstrate the use of the software in the relevant drone area. In addition, as an official Pix4D training centre, we also offer specific training for any type of software. If you would like to get more detailed information about Pix4D software and its professional use, please click and contact us!


Capture images or point clouds with a drone or any laser scanner.

When using a drone, automate and optimize your flights with the free PIX4Dcapture mobile app.


Import data from other Pix4D software or a .las or .laz file to PIX4Dsurvey and combine multiple datasets into the same project.

Work with both imagery data and LiDAR point clouds.


Generate a TIN to model the ground and create engineering-ready CAD vector files from point cloud data by extracting key elements of your project with PIX4Dsurvey.

Move from a lightweight point cloud to model your terrain. Use the Smart Grid, TIN, and terrain classification to get accurate, actionable results


import point clouds into the survey software

Move from a lightweight point cloud to a model of your terrain. Use the Smart Grid, TIN, and terrain classification to get accurate, actionable results


Open your simplified, accurate data in any CAD or GIS software with custom layers and properties that fit your existing workflow.

The advantages of industrial drones and Pix4Dsurvey compared to traditional solutions

  • With the help of the software  you can work with models generated from images and point clouds
  • Analyze 3D models created using different methods at the same time to get even more accurate results
  • Process small and large files with ease
  • The resulting analyses are compatible with CAD software

 Pix4Dsurvey features

Vectorize anything

Use the combined power of images and point clouds to extract key elements from photogrammetry, laser scanning or LiDAR data. Survey curbs, building footprints, walls, catenary curves and more.

Time-saving benefit

Work 50% faster when you vectorize from point clouds and verify in images, while the Smart Grid saves 1,000s of clicks creating spot elevations.

CAD ready

Include layers and properties for a smooth transition to CAD or GIS and reduce file size when exporting your projects as vector files.

Easy to import

You can open the data in any CAD or GIS software.

Payloads that can be used with the software:


With this compact drone-mounted laser camera and 3D laser scanner system, you can significantly increase your work efficiency in a wide variety of fields! With Lidaretto, you can quickly get vital data about the area/object you’re surveying with unprecedented accuracy, and then process it easily and conveniently!

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Yuneec E20TVx

Built using the latest technological advances, the device includes a low-light camera designed to be 20 times more sensitive than the human eye and a thermal camera with twice the resolution of its predecessor.

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The E90x camera is ideal for professional photography and video work, 3D modeling, mapping, search or rescue tasks.

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ABZ Drone - Pensar


The Yuneec E30Zx camera has a high optical zoom and a gimbal for perfectly stabilized imaging, making it suitable for mapping areas where high quality photography and video capture is required from a long distance.

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Yuneec E10T/E10TVx

The E10Tv dual camera, which can be mounted on Yuneec H520 industrial drones, is suitable for capturing images in thermal and low light conditions at the same time.

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If you would like to learn how to use Pix4Dsurvey and other software, sign up for our training courses, where our instructors will teach you not only the theory, but also the practice!


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