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10 types of photogrammetric software

Professional image processing software

Analysis of land, plants, spaces, objects

Creation of virtual models

RTK precise measurements



Yield measurement and fruit management system

Rapid orchard survey, collection of high-resolution images

Machine learning technology

Yield estimation from flowering to harvest


DJI Terra

2D maps, 3D models

Unparalleled efficiency

Seamless workflows

Accurate results



Do you want to learn how to use these software? Our drone pilot training courses offer you the opportunity. Check out our courses, and if you want to learn more about the software, sign up for our Pix4D photogrammetry expert training!

With professional drone software, image processing programs, you can take accurate measurements, create virtual models and get a wealth of information about the current state of your crop. You can work faster and more efficiently with Pix4D and Outfield, as accurate data results in optimal workflows.

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