Agricultural Spraying

Advantages from using a drone

Reduced chemical and water usage, reduced Labor requirements

No loss from trampling

No more hard-to-reach plots

Precision agriculture is not an optional way of operating nowadays, but the only way to maintain long term success. The most effective tools for precision agriculture are the drones. A spray drone can cover up to 50 ha per day without causing any harm to the plants or the soil. We are able to carry out targeted intervention only wherever necessary due to the accurate drone surveys. The precision surveys also contribute to the reduction of the required chemicals up to 90%. The quality and the quantity of the yield both increased due to the better planning capability and more accurate actions.

Why is it worth using drone services?

Reduced chemical and water usage

No more hard-to-reach areas

No damage from trampling

No labor requirement

No investment required

Service lead by a professional phytopathologist

How can you use our services?

First step

1. Service request from the client

Our role

2. In person assessment and discussion
3. Contract signing
4. Acquiring all legal permissions
5. Area study, flight plan creation
6. Agreeing spraying appointment, chemical dosage and finalizing the mission
7. Executing spraying
8. Verifying results


9. Spend additional profit

Our services

Patch and plot treatment

Treating unreachable plots

Biological plant protection

Nutrient supplies

Which agriculture areas do we provide services?

Arable lands
Horticultural fields
Fruit and walnut orchards


Our professional team is ready to provide a comprehensive service including spraying with drones and acquiring legal permissions.

Can you also use a drone?
Come to our showroom and discuss details or request a quote!

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