Altura Zenith

The world versatile drone


40 min flight time


Tested against TÜV industry standards

Huge payload

Any payload can be adapted

Object tracking enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI recognizes the selected object (car, personnel, train etc.)
The user can select which one to follow from the recognized objects.

Follow using the 30x optical zoom placed on the “Z” axis. The size of the object is being kept automatically as a constant on the screen. Maximum following distance 200m (depending on the type and size of object)

Areas of use

Public Safety

Public Safety

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Oil and Gas production

Oil and Gas production



Wind turbine monitoring

Wind turbine monitoring

Site surveillance, mapping

Site surveillance, mapping

Building monitoring

Building monitoring

Solar panel monitoring

Solar panel monitoring


Automatic flight

Plan complex and repeatable flight plans from start to finish, both for mapping and inspections.

Full HD

Receive 1080P video on a dedicated screenand push it straight to an external monitor or the cloud through HDMI.

Payload or camera control

Pilots can adjust the payload tilt, panning angle and have full control of all payload features from the ground.


Both control links and the video transmission on the Altura Zenith are secured with various levels of encryption.

Technical parameters


Length * Width600 * 600 mm 8 (excl. propellers)
Height470 - 570 mm
Max. take-off weight9.65 kg

Flight performance

Max. cruise speed20 m/s
Average cruise speed5 m/s (adjustable)
Power plant8 brushless electric motors
Electrical power20.000 mAh battery


Take-off weight6.65 kg
Max. payload3.0 kg (for optional performance)


Controller2,4 Ghz
Telemetry868/900 Mhz
Range100 m
Video frequency5,1 - 5.8 Ghz

Weather conditions

Max. wind speedup to 16m/s
WeatherDry to light rain or snowfall
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Compatible applications

  • Lidaretto

    With this compact, drone-mounted laser camera and 3D laser scanner system, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your work in the several areas! With the help of Lidaretto, you can get vital data about the examined area / object quickly and with unprecedented accuracy, which you can then process easily and conveniently!

  • Pensar + SDK

    The world’s first dual spectrum supercomputer with a lens which is capable of real time image processing camera with Artificial Intelligence. Required accessory: AT130 Series Gimbal

  • Sony Alpha 7R2

    Sony Alpha 7R2

    42.4 MP - 4K video Reguired gimbal: AT SERIES 200 Multiple lenses compatibile.

  • Sony Alpha 6500

    Sony Alpha 6500

    25 MP - 4K videoRequired accessory: AT Series 130, compatibile with multiple lenses .

  • Sony AX53

    Sony AX53

    4K video- with balanced opticRequired accessory: AT Series 130 with fix lens.

  • Phase one IXU series

    Phase one IXU series

    Up to 100 MP - Full HD videoRequired accessory: AT Series 200, compatibile with multipe lenses .

  • Black magic micro

    Black magic micro

    Full HD video - Super 16 mmRequired accessory: AT Series 130 compatibile with multiple lenses .

  • Panasonic GH5

    Panasonic GH5

    20.3 MP - 4K videoRequired accessory: AT Series 130 compatibile with multiple lenses .

  • Canon 5DS

    Canon 5DS

    50.6 MP - Full HD videoRequired accessory: AT Series 130, compatibile with multiple lenses .

  • Nikon D810

    Nikon D810

    25 MP - Full HD video.Required accessory: AT Series 130, compatibile with multiple lenses .

  • Micasense RedEdge

    Thermal and multispectral sensor. Required accessory: AT Series 130, compatible with multiple lenses.

Complementary services

Professional education and service background

Professional education and service background

We are the official training and service center for the drones, payloads, and devices we sell in Hungary.

Full support

Full support

Our customers are very important to us after the purchase as well! A professional pilot team is at your disposal, in any difficult or uncertain situation by phone, email, or even in person.

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