5 different cameras


6-rotor hexacopter


ST16S Intel controller

The YUNEEC H520 6-rotor hexacopter can be used in many industrial areas. Its wide range of use comes from the modularity of the drone. The H520 can use various payloads to be used in execute many tasks for areas including inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying or mapping and even film making. The retractable landing gear allows for a seamless 360-degree video making

Usage areas

Film Industry

Film Industry

Site surveillance, mapping

Site surveillance, mapping

Public Safety

Public Safety

Building monitoring

Building monitoring

Construction Industry

Construction Industry


Designed for industrial use and for innovative professionals

Exceptional effectiveness in inspection due to the 6-rotor system which provides stabile and accurate flights. It can record imagery from long distance precisely and unnoticed thanks to the wide range focal length. 4K/2K/HD video or 20MP still image direct record onto the ST16S controller system.

Reliable, stabile and precise

Ready for precise operation even under extreme weather conditions. It can operate when it would not be safe for the human workforce. The manual speed control takes it to a next level and enables steady velocity even if the weather turns extremely bad. The retractable landing gear allows for a 360-degree view on the inspected object.

H520 with RTK technology

The H520 is equipped with the world’s most accurate and fastest RTK system which provides extremely accurate flights whether it will be used for 3D modelling, planimetry or inspection tasks. The RTK allows for centimetre accurate flights where the GPS signal would not provide the same accuracy.

Does not transfer data onto external networks

The data solely belongs to the user. A H520 and the ST16S controller exclusively communicate with each other; therefore, there is no data transfer to Chinese, German or any other servers. The recorded content is fully protected.

TEAM MODE capability

It is capable of TEAM MODE using 2 controllers, meaning that one of the users would only control the drone whilst the other user would control the camera providing full attention to those 2 tasks.

Software developer environment

Custom software solutions can be introduced.

Technical parameters

Technical specifications

Dimensions520X455X295 mm
Flight timeUp to 28 min (equipped with camera)
Weight (inc. batteries)1633 g
Battery4S 5250mAh 15,2V Li-Po
Max. flight height500 m
Max. turning velocity120°/s
Maximum tilt35°
Max. climb velocity7 m/s
Max. yield velocity6 m/s


Operation system Android™
Number of channels16
Controller range (optimal)1,6 km
Video resolutionHD 720p
Video signal frequency5,8 GHz Wi-Fi
Video signal transfer distance1,6 km
LCD screen size7”
Connections1x HDMI, 2x USB, 1x headphone
Vibration and sound YES
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Compatible payloads

  • Atmon FL

    A user-friendly, ultra-lightweight and professional tool for measuring harmful substances and compounds that affect air quality with unprecedented simplicity. It can be used to localize the source of potential air pollutant emissions, thus contributing to the creation / maintenance of clean and healthy air.

  • LaQuinta

    LaQuinta is the first of its kind a single sensor, single optical path, high resolution 4 narrowband multispectral UAV and ground vehicle camera for Precision Agriculture, packed with functionality like no other device in the global market; all without the multiple- camera- in- a box misalignment issues or timeshift sensitive filter-wheel drawbacks.

  • YUNEEC E90x

    The E90x camera is ideal for professional photography and video work, 3D modeling, mapping, search or rescue tasks.

  • YUNEEC E10T/E10Tvx

    The E10Tv dual camera, which can be mounted on Yuneec H520 industrial drones, is suitable for capturing images in thermal and low light conditions at the same time.

  • YUNEEC E30Zx

    The Yuneec E30Zx is a Full HD camera with a large optical zoom that is capable of perfectly stabilized imaging using a three-axis gimbal. Great for mapping areas where high quality photo and video capture is required over long distances.

  • Yuneec CGO-ET thermal camera

    The Yuneec CGO-ET is a combination of a professional dual thermal imager and a Full HD (1080p) RGB camera that can be used to perform a wide variety of workflows from testing solar farms to complex agricultural surveys.

  • Tethered system

    The Tethered system is a YCAP Certified Accessory, is the ultimate in tethered drone systems for the H520 and H520E.

Complementary services

Professional education and service background

Professional education and service background

We are the official training and service center for the drones, payloads, and devices we sell in Hungary.

Full support

Full support

Our customers are very important to us after the purchase as well! A professional pilot team is at your disposal, in any difficult or uncertain situation by phone, email, or even in person.

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