Hercules 2

The mini professional

Safe data management

Data encrypted AES 256. No data access and transfer.


Reinforced nylon carbon structure.


Small UAV designed to be easily transported.

Quick installation

Ready to go UAV. No assembly required.


Flies at speed over 90km/h.


Easy to use and intuitive dedicated software.

Usage areas

Public Safety

Public Safety

Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Site surveillance, mapping

Site surveillance, mapping

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

Solar panel monitoring

Solar panel monitoring


Ready to fly

The Hercules 2 does not require any assembly to start its mission. No need to unfold the arms or mount the propellers, it is operational immediately. Its small size (31cmx33cm) makes it extremely compact and easy to transport.

Data security

Our priority is the security and confidentiality of your data. We guarantee no access or transfer of your data. The transmission of the Hercules 2 is fully secure and encrypted in AES 256


With its 2 sensors and its low weight (only 2kg), the Hercules 2 has a great versatility and can accomplish missions in various fields such as Safety, Construction, Inspection, Energy and Defense as well as only in different types of environments (urban, rural, construction sites …)


Its reinforced carbon nylon structure gives the UAV a better rigidity and a high resistance to shocks and able to fly up to 90 km/h. It is resistant to winds up to 70 km/h in moderate rain.

Technical parameters


FrameNylon / Fiberglass
MotorsT-Motor MN 2212 – 1100KV
Flight controllerDV CORE (Pixhawk based)
Propellers25,4 cm (10 inches)
SoftwareDRONE VOLT Control
Battery type compatibilityLIPO / Li-Ion
Battery charging time1 hour
Transport caseSKB 3026 Case 86 x 73 x 4,2 cm (33.8 x 28.7 x 1.6 inches)


Max. flighting time (without payload with 4S9360mAh)27 min
Max vertical speed (m/s) 6 m/s (11.7 nd)
Max horizontal speed (m/s)25 m/s (48.6 nd)

Weight / Payload

Weight1.9 kg (2,20 lb)
Spherical camera / 20x optical zoom + Thermal No
Protector tool No
Flir DUO PRO + Gimbal Yes

Transmission range/Frequency

Telemetry range / frequency5 km (3,10mi) / 2.4Ghz
Remote Control range / frequency 5 km (3,10mi) / 2.4Ghz
Video transmission range / frequency5 km (3,10mi) / 2.4Ghz
Transmission typeAll-in one communication bundle
Encryption AES 256 Yes (Optional)


Positioning accuracy (without RTK) 2,5 m (8.2 ft)
Positioning accuracy (with RTK)2,6 cm (1 inch)
Hovering accuracy (without RTK) 0,5 m vertical / 1,5 m horizontal ( 1.5 ft / 4.9 ft)
RTK readyYes


Length & Width (unfolded)310 x 330 mm (12,20 x 13 inches)
Length & Width (folded)
Height (with landing gear)150 mm (5.9 inches)
Height (without landing gear for transport mode) 70 mm (2.8 inches)
Foldable landing gear No
Width x Depth (M2M) 420 mm (16.5 inches)

Weather resistance

Max wind speed for optimal mission14 m/s (27.2 nd)
Operating temperature-5°C / +35°C
Operating weather conditionModerate rain
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Compatible applications

  • Duo by Flir

    Duo by Flir

    Duo pairs 160×120 thermal resolution with a 2-megapixel color camera. Switch between them in flight, view a picture-in-picture mode.

Complementary services

Professional educational and maintenance background

Professional educational and maintenance background

Whether you are developping your business or starting a new one, our training team would be thrilled to give you pilot training in our DRONE VOLT ACADEMY.

Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support

Our technical team and our drone specialists are at your disposal to help you make the most of your drone. Regular maintenance of your drone reduces the risk of accidents.


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