Hercules 20

Weightlifting champion

Huge carrying capacity

Up to 20 kg loading

Exceptional power

Designed to last


Up to 40 min flight time

The H20 is a drone that has the most carrying capacity and European permissions. The drone is capable of 20 kgs payload with up to 15 minutes flight time. It is entirely up to us how are we going to take advantage of these attributes with the wide range of uniquely developed payloads.

Usage areas

Film Industry

Film Industry

Solar farm cleaning

Solar farm cleaning

Roof and building cleaning

Roof and building cleaning




Customizable flight and action plans

The accurate and precise flight plan is the most fundamental factor for efficient operation. We can not only maximize efficiency, but also able to avoid object by pre-programming the information.

Automated flight

The flight plan has to be prepared only once and all we have to do is to start the mission (one click) and the machine operates independently.

Altitude hold system

The LIDAR installed on the Hercules 20 is able to do an altitude hold function and also follow the topography. This system eliminates the risk of the drone crashing if there is a low spot in the plot and also the possibility of uneven spraying.


The drone is equipped with a camera which allows the use in FPV model, providing a viewpoint as if we would be sitting on the top of the drone during flights.

RTK module

The Hercules 20 is capable of 1-3cm accurate flights with the additional RTK ground station, which provides the accuracy and no difference between the planned flight and the executed flight. Without RTK drones work up to 1-3m accuracy.

Technical parameters


Max. flighting time (without payload with 2 x 16 000mAh – 12s)40 min
Max vertical speed (m/s)6 m/s (11.5 nd)
Max horizontal speed (m/s)20 m/s (38.9 nd)


Weight (without battery) 8,5 kg (18.7 lb)
Maximum payload weight7,5 kg (16.5 lb)
Maximum take-off weight20 kg (44 lb)
Spherical camera / 30x optical zoom + ThermalYes
Protector tool Yes
Flir DUO PRO + GimbalYes

Transmission range / Frequency

Telemetry range / frequency2 km (1.25 mi) / 2.4Ghz
Remote Control range / frequency2 km (1.25 mi) / 2.4Ghz
Video transmission range / frequency2 km (1.25 mi) / 2.4Ghz
Transmission typeAll-in one communication bundle
Encryption AES 256Yes

Weather resistance

Max wind speed for optimal mission14 m/s (27 nd)
Operating temperature-5°C / +35°C
Operating weather conditionModerate rain


Length & Width (unfolded)900 x 900 mm (35.5 x 35.5 inches)
Length & Width (folded)380 x 380 mm (15 x 15 inches)
Height (with landing gear)580 mm (22.8 inches)
Height (without landing gear for transport mode)230 mm (9 inches)
Removable landing gearYes
Width x Depth (M2M)1080 mm (42.5 inches)
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Compatible applications

  • Pensar + SDK

    The world’s first dual spectrum supercomputer with a lens which is capable of real time image processing camera with Artificial Intelligence. Required accessory: AT130 Series Gimbal

  • Spray


    The spray system is very accurate and allows remote spraying. It can be used for different application such as Agriculture, roof and wall cleaning, and several kind of surfaces.

  • Gyros stabilized gimbal

    High performance EO/IR sensor placed on the gimbal, which is ideal for monitoring or mapping. 2 pc 360-degree rotational camera, which is capable of 30x zoom during daylight or 4x digital zoom during night time with infrared camera.

  • Electro magnet

    Electro magnet

Complementary services

Professional education and service background

Professional education and service background

We are the official training and service center for the drones, payloads, and devices we sell in Hungary.

Full support

Full support

Our customers are very important to us after the purchase as well! A professional pilot team is at your disposal, in any difficult or uncertain situation by phone, email, or even in person.

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