Typhoon H with Plus 1” camera

Camera drone for sophisticated photographers and videographers


Resistant against electric influences


28 flight time


Closed system

A YUNEEC Typhoon H Plus provides a first-class image quality, reliability and automated flight modes which are every photographers dream. It is also equipped with a 1 “4K camera, PX4 based controller, and able to execute various flight modes including “Follow Me”, “POI” (Point of Interest), “CCC” (Curve Cable Cam) modes. The key components of the Typhoon H Plus can resist electrical influence. The PX4 flight controller and 6-rotor setup provides increased security.

Usage areas

Aerial photo and video production

Aerial photo and video production

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

Public Safety

Public Safety

Construction Industry

Construction Industry


Reliable and effective

The Typhoon H Plus became the most effective and silent drone of its category thanks to the new optimisations. Provides a remarkable 28 min flight time in optimal weather conditions. The sophisticated cable setup delivers optimal air flow and better cooling. The ST16S controller’s intuitive interface makes the drone truly user friendly. It also has a USB connection for easy data access.

Safe 6-rotor system

To ensue maximum safety ‘No Fly’ zones can be set out to prevent taking off near commercial airports. The Geo Fence acts as a virtual boundary by which the user can set out maximum distance and height which the Typhoon H Plus drone must not leave. In the event of rotor malfunction or damage the drone automatically switches to 5-rotor mode which not only prevents crashing but allows for a safe landing. The redundant controller signal guarantees further safety if the equipment loses the 2.4 Ghz signal it will automatically switch to a 5.8 Ghz network providing control over the Typhoon H Plus.

ST16S controller unit

The Android based ST16S controller has a high-speed Intel® 4 core processor which ensures that the pilot have full control over the Typhoon H Plus drone while taking photos and recording videos. It is possible to setup all the main camera settings including video quality, camera angle, white balance and many more. The 7-inch LED touchscreen transfers the camera image in 720p (HD) quality and the telemetry data too. The ST16S has a HDMI port through which the live imagery can be broadcasted to a larger screen.

Team Mode function

A „Team Mode” allows the independent control of drone and camera which requires 2 users and controllers. This allows perfect flight execution and imagery recording. The collaboration makes the recording of creative images much easier and it is also a useful option for photographers and videographers who want to work in teams.

Hexacopter with intelligent automated flight modes

Whether it is the “Follow Me”, “Curve Cable Cam” or “Return Home” functions, the pilot can dedicate their full attention to photography whilst the Typhoon H Plus deals with the autonomous flight modes.

Sonar sensor for collision avoidance

The Typhoon H Plus will automatically stop if it identifies a nearby object. It is also available with Intel® RealSense™ technology. Thanks to the 3D depth finder technology allows the drone to identify objects, their distance and movement, so it can avoid them easily. The drone is also capable of tracking and recording the avoided objects which means the drone will not have to rely on the sensor if the flight is repeated.

Compact camera drone with easy propeller connection

The Typhoon H Plus is optimized for transport allowing the owner to bring it with them anywhere without any issues. The quick ratchet system helps the easy assembly and disassembly of the propellers. All of 6 rotors can be folded; therefore, the Typhoon H Plus can be easily fitted in a backpack.

Accessory for the Typhoon H Plus

Put on your virtual googles and dive in the unique experience that the Skyview FPV googles can provide (sold separately). We can enjoy the flight and the breath-taking panorama from the cockpit of the drone with the virtual googles.

Camera – C23 4K camera with 1-inch sensor

The Typhoon H Plus is equipped with a C23 wide angle camera as a standard which provides excellent quality images from the air. The 1-inch CMOS sensor can record 20MP photo and 4K 60FPS video quality. On top of that it will automatically improve the records taken in low light conditions and increases the dynamic range.The integrated 3 axis gimbal can be rotated 360 degrees just like the other ones in the Typhoon series. The retractable landing gear allows a 360-degree panorama view without the need of moving the drone.

Technical parameters

Technical specifications

Diameter520 mm
Wind and flight stabilityUp to 50 km/h wind speed
PrecisionHigh precision
Flight controlOpen source, PX4 based
Flight time25-28 mins
Noise78 dB
ComponentsCooling optimalised
CompassLow frequency
HardwareIntel chip set power supply for future development
Screen7” touchscreen LED
Connection1X HDMI, 2X USB


Camera sensor1” sensor
Low light compensationOutstanding
Bit rate100 MB/s
Max. video resolution4K, 60FPS
Parfocal length23mm
Effective pixel20 MP
Max. photo resolution5472 X 3648
Filter optionstandard ND filter (40,5mm)
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Professional education and service background

Professional education and service background

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Full support

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