Efficient and fast surveying and area measurement with drones.

On the way to precision farming

Új gépekre adtad be a pályázatod? Válassz hozzá egy olyan területmérési megoldást, amely támogatja az új gépek használatát!

A pontos földmérés elengedhetetlen a precíziós feladatokhoz.


Our drone surveying is accredited by a professional surveyor. Our measurements have an absolute accuracy of under 5 cm, which meets the requirements of geodesy. Drone surveying provides for more accurate images than conventional surveying. Over 12,000 HA of land have been surveyed by drones so far. Our measurements have provided credible material for several successful tenders. We have over 10 years of professional experience in surveying.

Accurate surveying is essential for precision tasks

More and more machines and tools are integrated into farming. To use them effectively, it is vital to have accurate and precise data at hand. This is essential for good precision farming.

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What makes drone surveying superior to traditional solutions?

In which areas can drone surveying be used?

How does the land surveying process work?

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