Take a multispectral survey with a drone to learn about the condition of your plants and then take care of the problems accordingly.

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Drone-based multispectral surveys help provide accurate, precise, targeted surveys of plant and soil conditions so that the problem only needs to be addressed where it is needed.

What can multispectral drone technology be used for?

Nutrient management

Plant population assessment

Stress condition analysis

Weed risk assessment

Root frequency analysis

Wildlife damage assessment

Vineyard & orchard land surveying

Agricultural land surveying

Visual surveying

Soil analysis

Digital topographic mapping

Plant diagnostics

Multispectral drone technologies can be used in any agriculture.


In fields

You can get confirmation of the effectiveness of tillage technologies. You can check the accuracy and success of sowing, cultivating and application, you can define the areas with poorer nutrient supply. You may notice stress caused by drought or trampling. You can explore inland areas. You can compare the genetic potential, resilience, and stress tolerance of different varieties. You can check the effectiveness of your treatments.

In orchards and vineyards

It provides support for the preparation and implementation of nutrient replenishment plans. At an individual level, it helps determine nutrient deficiencies and damaging factors. Helps identify plant protection and irrigation problems.


In horticulture

You can determine your lack of nutrients and your state of stress. You can assess the effectiveness of technological elements (such as irrigation and drip systems). You can identify areas affected by pests. It facilitates the localization and timing of the necessary intervention. You can track the effectiveness of your treatments.

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