Official title of training:
08104005* Professional crop protection drone pilot training

Adult training institution registration number: E/2022/000062

Adult training institution designated by NÉBIH

*As of 8 April 2022, our former 08884003 training is registered as 08104005 professional crop protection drone pilot training.

Briefly on the Amendment Regulation for spray drones

What has happened?

The legal conditions for drone spraying have been established in the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture 4/2022 (8.II.) amending Decree 44/2005 (V. 6.) FVM-GKM-KvVVM on aerial work activity in agriculture and forestry.

What does this mean?

The Amendment Regulation provides for a crop protection drone pilot training, the legal title of which is 08884003 Professional crop protection drone pilot training. In the future, obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications and undergoing professional training will all be essential for drone spraying.

We recommend our training if

  • you are looking to provide services in this field in compliance with all legal requirements
  • you want to be trained at a reliable establishment by professionals with over 5 years of experience in drone spraying.

What do we offer?

Accredited training

We take care of all the administrative aspects of the exam (preparation as well as registration)

A total of 110 hours of theoretical training at the minimum

17 hours of individual practical training at the minimum

Full service: training, a range of products, repair service

We also provide help with the necessary license or LUC certificate

Training structure

Entry requirements for the training


Examination venues: registration for the examination is handled by the training institution, i.e. ABZ Drone.

Why choose ABZ Drone's crop protection training?

  1. We offer an offline, face-to-face, practice-oriented training.
  2. We work with internationally recognized trainers.
  3. Our colleagues have relevant agricultural experience as well.
  4. We are an official DJI training center.
  5. We use the best devices in the world – even during training.
  6. We have graduated over 500 students so far.
  7. We operate with our own service background.
  8. We can assist you with obtaining special licences.
  9. We cooperate with Hungary’s agricultural universities.
  10. We got everything you need for drone flying under one roof.

Our experts participating in the training

Máté Keczer

UAS Operations Director

László Markó

GIS specialist

Ferenc Ország


Bálint Imre

Agricultural Pilot

Zsófia Filler

Plant Health Professional

Károly Ludvigh

Service and Technical Director

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