Atmon FL

Atmon FL – A laboratory on the move

It is a professional tool for measuring substances and compounds that affect air quality with unprecedented simplicity.


Atmon FL is a combination of a laboratory and a measuring device. One of its main advantages is its mobility. Due to its size, it can be mounted on smaller drones, so its transport as well as the measurement process itself can be carried out much simpler and more cost-effectively. It displays the resulting data in the form of numeric values ​​and interactive tables, making it easy to review and process. Saves the results in CSV file format. The sensor provides key information about the concentration, measurement time, and coordinates of each substance in the air.

Atmon FL is a freely configurable device, so it can be completely customized to the individual needs of the users.

Unlike similar devices, Atmon FL does not absorb air through a pipe, as dust would settle there and it would distort the measurement results. The positive benefit of not using a tube is that it increases the maneuverability of the drone carrying the device, which is especially important in a crowded, urban environment.



Pollution and emissions are among the most serious problems these days. To take the right steps, we first need accurate and easy-to-read data which Atmon FL can provide! Mounted on an ultra-lightweight, easy-to-use sensor drone, it provides us with all the information we need to assess and control air quality. It is able find the location of potential air pollution, show the concentration of each substance, and convert the information obtained into easy to access tables and figures for easier work. Visit our website and find out more about it!


Watch our test video on the Atmon FL air pollution meter!

Protecting our environment and health with drones?
Well, it is already possible!

The Atmon FL sensor, which can be mounted on the Yuneec H520, enables comprehensive assessment and control of air quality, various harmful substances and pollutants. In addition, it operates so simply and quickly – as usual from industrial drone solutions –  without negatively affecting the environment under study. Get to know Atmon FL and our other innovative solutions, visit our website!




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