DJI Agras T10

Ideal drone for the new farmer

Designed for smallholdings

With a working width of 5.5 meters, the DJI T10 can cover an average of more than 6.5 hectares per hour. This spray drone is not designed to handle huge areas. There are however very few drones better suited to spraying smaller plantations and orchards as well as solving well-localized problems. The real advantage of the DJI T10 comes from its handling and precision. A single trained drone pilot is all that is needed to transport, calibrate, control and refuel the spray drone, giving you the flexibility to spray with ease.


Compact design

Its foldable frame makes the DJI T10 easy to transport and quick to assemble.


RTK module

With the help of a built-in RTK module, you can work with centimeter-level accuracy anywhere in the world.


Ultra-fast battery charging

The fast-charging, high-capacity batteries can be swapped out in seconds, so you can work almost uninterrupted.


Wide-angle cameras

The drone is equipped with two wide-angle cameras and a reflector, so you can watch the work in HD live view.


Security features

Omni-directional obstacle detection and a six-rotor design ensure safe operation in all cases.


Replaceable tank

The 10 liter spray tank can be easily removed, making it extremely convenient to refill.


DJI quality

DJI is one of the world’s best-known drone manufacturers, with products available all over the world. The brand name ensures outstanding quality and a wide range of parts.


One-man control

Save time and cut costs while spraying: a single drone pilot is all you need to operate the DJI T10.


Automatic flight mode

The DJI T10 is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic flight functions, so you can make your workflow even more efficient with predefined flight modes.

Professional training and service background

We are the official training and service centre in Hungary for all our drones, payloads and equipment.

Technical information​

Maximum spraying coverage:6.67 hectares / hour
Maximum spray speed:3 L / min
Maximum spray width: 5.5 m
Number of rotors:4
Brushless: Yes
Dimensions:1958*1833*553 mm (arms and propellers folded out)
 Weight:12.2 kg (without battery)
Max. flight time:19 minutes (with a weight of 16.5 kg and a 9500 mAh-s battery)
Max. airspeed:36 km/h


Battery: high-performance 29000 mAh – 51.8 V battery
Operating temperature: Between 0° and 45°C
Video resolution (max.): 1280×720 15-30 fps
FOV: Horizontal: 82°, Vertical: 129°
Obstacle detection: Yes
First-person view (FPV): Yes
Flight modes: M/M+ , AB , Autonomous flight route
Live image transmission system: DJI OcuSync 2.0

Applications ​

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