The ABZ Drone

is one of the most important players in the Industrial Drone Market not only in Hungary but in whole Europe. Thanks to our activity and our comprehensive customer service, we are the best-known business in the Industrial Drone Market in the local market.


Drone courses

All of our drone courses are state-approved adult educations, where participants can acquire marketable and well-utilized knowledge in any field of industrial drones. We operate as an official training center for our marketed brands we sell

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Drone service

We provide full service and part supply for all the products we sell.

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Trading in drones

We have the widest range of industrial drones. We are official distributors of the world’s largest drone manufacturers and drone software manufacturers, such as: YUNEC, MICASENSE, DJI, PIX4D.


Custom drone development

We develop custom drones from the first design to licensing. We guarantee the most efficient and innovative industrial drone solutions with a team of professional experts consisting of more than 50 engineers and developers. Our university collaborations, which are also used for our individual drone developments, provide an even more efficient end result.

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With our industrial drone solutions and multiple international certified drone pilots, we also provide high quality services to our partners. We provide more than 50 different industrial services with our products.

With our tools, hundreds of industrial tasks can be performed more effectively and cost-effectively.
We offer drone solutions for almost the entire corporate sector.






Industrial areas


Areas of architecture

We have special collaborations with the most important Hungarian corporate and state institution in order to spread industrial drones efficiently and safely:

Széchenyi Egyetem

Széchenyi Egyetem

We ensure and seek the most optimal industrial and agricultural usage of drones though research and development projects.

MATE (Magyar Agrár- És Élettudomány Egyetem)

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

We ensure and seek the most optimal industrial and agricultural usage of drones though research and development projects.

Magyar Drón Koalíció

Hungarian Drone Coalition

As a founding member, we actively assist in the development of the National Drone Strategy. And we represent the Industrial Drone Society in the coalition.

MIB Invest Group:

MIB Invest Group:

We are constantly researching the international industrial drone markets to provide our customers with the highest level of industrial drones and training at all times.

What we provide to our reseller partners:

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